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Story telling has played an important role in human culture throughout the ages

By word of mouth, through pantomime in corroborees, cave paintings and eventually through the written word and film.
Ancient Story Telling

Ancient Story Telling

 Our stories have been passed on through generations, educating each new generation of their predecessors experiences.

Why Write An E-Book?

Everyone has a story to tell and with the advent of the electronic document, storage and distribution of your story has never been easier.
I shudder to think how many great manuscripts and interesting documents are laying in some dark dusty attic corner rotting away, never to be read.

So many good writers and potential writers have never been published. Due to the daunting excersise of manuscript submissions to mainstream publishers.

Please don’t misunderstand me here, I have nothing against mainstream publisher and am a published author myself. Getting a book published by a reputable publisher certainly has its advantages as they already have a marketing system in place to promote your work. However publishers have to consider public demand for your work.

To illustrate this further, let’s assume your field of expertise is “endurance riding” and after winning the Quilty your compatriots have sugested you write a book about your methods. Now after slaving over your book for two years you present your manuscript to a reputable publisher.
The publishers informs you that your work is very good but currently he/she is only considering childrens adventure stories or recipe collections, due to public demand.

After getting the same response from numerous publishers, you designate your manuscript to collect dust in the attic. The tradgedy here is that there are probably many people who would gain valuable knowledge from your work. The good thing is that creating and distributing your work has become very easy via the E-Book, self published  Online.

Create an E-Book for your family and friends or publish to the world audience.

To create an E-Book you need to convert your content into a universally readable Electronic Document format such as a PDF. There are many software programs available to convert your work into a format that can be read by a computer. Click on the image below to go to the one we have sourced for you here. We chose it for it’s ease of use and it won’t break the bank at only $9.97. It has a handy password protection utility built in – so your work will stay protected when you publish your work online. Suitable for windows only – Sorry Mac users.

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